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Caeser Country

Caeser Country

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Caesar Country is a love letter to Canada by way of one cocktail—our cocktail—the Caesar.

In this stunning book, Aaron Harowitz and Zack Silverman—co-founders of Walter Craft Caesar—take you on a deep and detailed dive through the art and science of Caesar making. They share a compelling collection of cocktail and food recipes, including contributions from some of Canada’s top bartenders and chefs, showcasing the countless ways to reinterpret the classic Caesar. Caesar Country is inspired by travels across Canada—the people met, places seen, drinks enjoyed—and seamlessly weaves together the Caesar’s history, evolution,and the innovators behind it, to create a visual and culinary celebration of the country it calls home.


ZACK SILVERMAN is the co-founder of two of North America’s most innovative cocktail mix companies: Walter Craft Caesar and Kelvin Slush Co. Zack is a recovering lawyer who worked as an attorney in New York for 6 years before becoming a full-time beverage entrepreneur.

AARON HAROWITZ co-founded Walter Craft Caesar with his childhood friend. A “super-taster,” Aaron’s chief job at Walter is tasting new recipes, or so he tells his co-workers, mostly because he hates (and is absolutely terrible at) spreadsheets. Prior to Walter, Aaron ran a Vancouver-based boutique creative consultancy.

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