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Ontario Honey Creations

Port Carling Summer Blossom Honey

Port Carling Summer Blossom Honey

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The Port Carling Summer Blossom Honey was harvested from a beehive right here in Muskoka. The honey from this hive was traded to Ontario Honey Creations by a cottager who wanted to learn beekeeping as a retirement hobby. The honey is made from the various wildflowers in bloom throughout July and August in Muskoka. It has a more familiar honey taste and is great to use as an everyday sweetener in coffee, and tea, or as a sugar replacement in baking.

Produced by bees located in the Headwaters Region of Ontario. Ontario Honey Creations specific bee yards can be found throughout the towns of Caledon, Alton, Mono, Orangeville, Hockley Valley, and Mulmur.

This honey is raw and unpasteurized and may be crystallized when ordered. If crystallized, just gently warm up in hot water to liquify.

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