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Muskoka Tallow

Muskoka Tallow Body Whip - Vanilla

Muskoka Tallow Body Whip - Vanilla

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Use this whipped tallow all over your body. Dryness, scarring, age spots, fine lines and more - this delicate cream will do it all. 


Grass Fed/Finished Beef Tallow (no hormones and antibiotics) - 100% grass fed/finished. Heals and soothes, packed with a ton of skin compatible vitamins and nutrients. Anti-inflammatory and antimicrobial.

Organic Olive Oil - High in vitamins that promote hydration, as well as antioxidant and antibacterial properties.

Vanilla Planifolia - Rich in antioxidants and B vitamins which promote healthy skin. It has a calming and soothing effect.

Scent: French vanilla cake batter. Powdery and sweet.

Size: 2.5 oz.

Directions: Warm a small amount between your finger tips and massage into desired area. Less is more! Exfoliating 1-3 times per week is recommended.

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