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Silo Bird Feeder

Silo Bird Feeder

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A bird feeder for the modern yard.  

Made from 100% recycled plastic. Even the rope is 100% recycled.

Helsinki-based bird enthusiasts Mika & Julie Tolvanen designed Bird Silo, the debut product for Pidät. They studied the eating habits of birds for several years by feeding them from prototypes at their dining room window (while eating their own breakfast): “We wanted to design a functional sculpture. We also thought Bird Silo should be a bird feeder whose impact on nature is just feeding the birds.” 

Which birds will visit?  

Bird Silo is a specialty feeder designed to feed birds who like to cling vertically while eating. Common diners include Chickadees, Blue Tits, Titmice, Nuthatches, Finches, & Woodpeckers.


100% recycled polypropylene bird feeder trays and cap (material certified by Rec-One)

100% recycled P.E.T. polyester rope (material certified by Global Recycled Standard)

Stainless steel hardware

Size. Ø177mm x 230mm (Ø7” x 9”)

Designed to function like a grain silo. 

You lift the top cone, pour in sunflower seeds or peanuts, and the feeder fills from the bottom up. 

Designed in Finland. Manufactured in China.

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