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Plant Vitamins

Plant Vitamins Thrive Garden +

Plant Vitamins Thrive Garden +

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Our original Thrive formula packaged specifically for all of your outdoor spaces or indoor jungles. This product is used on organic farms across Canada and will increase the nutritional value of your fruits and vegetables as well as deliver bigger, brighter blooms to your flowers!

The name says it all! If you want your plants to Thrive this is a must have for your plant care routine. Containing 60 + vitamins, minerals and active growth hormones, think of Thrive like your plants multivitamin

Works to keep plants strong and healthy and help deal with the stresses of indoor living.

- Ingredients: 100% Ascophyllum Nodosum (aka Seaweed!)

- 475ml of fertilizer

- Measured glass dropper

- NPK Values: 0.6, 0, 6

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